Peaberry Blend

Our Dark Roast is delightfully bold, yet smooth with hints of Chocolate and Caramels. With our terroir, like old vine wine, the flavors are rich and unique.

100% Kona Extra Fancy

100% Kona Select

Black & Tan 

Fire Island Coffee 

Coffee is the rarest of the rare in Kona Hawaiian Coffee. Peaberry Kona Coffee beans comprise less than 10% of the yearly harvest of 100% Kona Coffee. The small, cylindrical Peaberry coffee beans roast particularly well and uniformly due to their compact shape.

When brewed, our Peaberry Coffee has an aromatically intense, smoothly concentrated and yet classic Kona Coffee taste. Truly a gourmet coffee experience and the ultimate indulgence. Our Peaberry is roasted a true medium, but can be special ordered for larger quantities.

100% Kona Heritage Coffee

Our ancestor trees, the first trees planted here over 180 years ago from Ethiopia via Guatemala, a lineage from parent tree to baby Keiki tree.Our farm flourishes just beneath the ancient rain forest in the lush Honaunau valley at 1500 feet. Originally planted by highly skilled Japanese farmers who designed and terraced the land. This farm supports many trees that range from 60 to 115 years old. This coffee is only from those trees. Crafted and nurtured with passionate dedication, weaving flavors and aromas we usually only find in our dreams. Dark cherry and stone fruits, almonds & chocolates. A deeply rich and complex coffee from our oldest trees.​

Peaberry Blend is a delightful fusion of 1/3 medium roast. 1/3 Dark Roast and 1/3 Peaberry. This is an amazing full bodied coffee.

Medium Roast

Our coffee comes in four varieties,

Select, Extra fancy, Peaberry and Heritage.

Our select and Extra Fancy has three different roasts to choose from, medium, dark, and black & tan.  

Our Peaberry is always a longer roast medium

Our Heritage is always a quick bright medium roast

Our Black and Tan is an award winning combination of our Dark and Medium Roasts, which creates a very complex and bold flavor. The Dark Roast has hints of chocolate and caramel, and the Medium roast has citrus and nuts overtones.

This blend won us the Gold Chefs Choice Award at the 2016 Cream of the Crop Festival at the Sheraton Keauhou and the People’s Choice award at the 2013 Kona Coffee Festival Holualoa Coffee and Art Stroll.

Our Medium Roast is Rich and smooth, full bodied yet delicate with undertones of citrus and nuts

It's hard to put a typical roast description for our coffee as each of our roasts have been meticulously crafted by Jeff, co-owner of Fire Island Coffee and Brian at Daylight Mind Coffee Company We would say our Medium is somewhere between a true Medium and light Medium. Our Dark Roast would fall in between a City Roast and Full City Roast.

Our “Select” , also known as No 1 sized coffee beans are large beans with a slightly milder flavor with a smooth consistency. Our farm nestled in the beautiful Honaunau Valley offers a terroir that gives a unique flavor of the land, like old vine wines.

Kona coffee is graded on moisture, size of the bean, color, lack of imperfections, and purity. These big beautiful Kona extra fancy beans were ripened in the largest and juiciest coffee cherries, which means full bodied flavors and low acidity.

These beans are fairly rare among the kona coffee beans and usually account for about 20% of what a crop will produce, but because of our deep soil, Extra Fancy beans make up about 35% of our crop.

Dark Roast 

100% Peaberry