After saying the name aloud a couple times I began to question it. Then I spoke with my 86 year old Japanese neighbor, Uncle Tom. 

I told him what we decided to call our farm and he replied, “What a perfect name!”
As it turns out, in Japanese, "Mesahana" means "to flower again."
So of course we kept the name.

We cleared hundreds of unwanted trees and thousands of miles of vines. We put our love and life (and our backs) into this land and it has repaid us a hundredfold. The picture below shows you how the land has recovered…

We are often asked how we got the name “Messahana” for our farm.

When Sharon’s children were 2, 4 and 5 they constructed a sailing ship from an old refrigerator box, complete with gauges, compasses and sails. When asked where they were sailing away to they responded “MESSAHANA”! They said it was a magical place with 100 rainbows, 100 clouds, waterfalls and flowers everywhere!

When we first saw the view from the lanai We knew we were now standing in what was until that moment, a mythical place. We had found Messahana!

We went back to the cold of Bozeman Montana knowing in our hearts that “home” was now on a little farm in Honaunau (place of rebirth) We sold all our possessions, said goodbye to long winters and short growing seasons and bought one way tickets.

We became the stewards of this beautiful, yet neglected piece of paradise and dove in head first, reclaiming house and farm. Having very limited knowledge of coffee farming did not deter us from our goal, we both had a firm belief that the farm would certainly tell us what it needed.

Countless 12 hour days of clearing, pulling vines, pruning, picking and (our favorite) just sitting among the trees has brought us a sense of connection and love for this land that words fall short in expressing.

When this land found us it was poisoned and neglected as you can see:

In our spare time from clearing and pruning, we built a 20’x40’ drying deck with greenhouse cover. The day we set it up several neighbors showed up to help us ( we did have beer…).  We have found this little community of farmers to be one of our greatest gifts.

We have received so much from our friends here on the hill. We are blessed with a community rich in diversity and oddity.(If any of my neighbors ever read this far they are now wondering if they are one of the oddities?)

Messahana Farm


We also purchased a small pulper for processing the cherry and a coffee roaster for all the future online orders we would be receiving once we could afford a good web designer ( for you Daniel and Loomis)  Off to the races for our very first harvest of coffee cherry. We were dead tired every day and have never been happier, or more content. A simple life, we take care of the land and it takes care of us.

Over the past three years we have planted over 35 different fruit and flowering trees, Monkey Pod trees for shade, herb and vegetable gardens. Our menagerie includes several breeds of chickens, Muscovey ducks, and a peacock!